The Historic LoCo Bucket-List

Are you a self-proclaimed history buff?
Enjoy brushing up on your Logan County History with this historic tour around Logan County.

Logan County History Center– Have you ever experienced time travel? Pay a visit to the Logan County History Center and travel back in time to experience Logan County’s past.

More History in LoCo

Ohio Caverns– Channel your inner Indiana Jones by exploring over 2 miles of surveyed passageways ranging in depth from 30 to 103 feet.
Piatt Castles– Channel your inner royal self as you tour the Piatt Castles tucked away in the beautiful countryside of West Liberty, Ohio.
First Concrete Street in America – Experience what it’s like to go back in time and travel on the First Concrete Street in America. Court Avenue is a small street in Downtown Bellefontaine and is the first street in the United States that was paved with concrete in 1893.
Historic Holland Theatre– Catch a culturally diverse show at the only Dutch Themed Theatre in America! The Holland Theatre is even on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks!
Highest Point of Ohio – Travel to Campbell Hill to explore the highest point in the State of Ohio, where the air is a little thinner than normal.
Camp Myeerah– You can enjoy hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, birding and fishing at the 450 acre Nature Preserve.
Sandy Beach Bridge– This unique bridge is a surviving remnant of the old Sandy Beach Amusement Park. This historic bridge has been brought back to life and is open to pedestrian traffic during the non-winter seasons.
Orchard Island Post Office – This post office was in service from 1912 to 1926 and has since been renovated and restored and brought back to life for people to experience a part of Indian Lake’s Past.
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