Ring of Fire

Labor Day Weekend Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire is always the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend

Dating back to 1965, when Warren Edwards was president of the Indian Lake Area Chamber

of Commerce, board members A.M. Brown, Manager of the Amusement Park, presented the idea of a “red flare spectacular.” He suggested that the Chamber sell the flares to the residents and visitors of the lake. The Chamber members agreed to sponsor the project and the annual “Red Flare Spectacular” started at Indian Lake during Labor Day weekend.

Brown brought this idea from Buckeye Lake State Park where he had been park manager. The custom originated many years ago at Seneca Lake in New York State by the Seneca Indians when they celebrated a successful harvest by lighting bonfires on the shores of the lake.

In years past, the red flare event signified the end of the Summer season, but now it is the way to greet the fall and winter season’s activities. Because of the influx of more year-round business, working, and professional residents, Indian Lake has a growing population. They contribute to the local economic growth of the area but also reap the benefits of living in a community where they enjoy the environment supplies by the lake and its many recreational facilities.